Coeur du ChristPRAYER of ACAAP

We commend to you all the children
betrayed - Jesus denied by Peter
humiliated - Jesus in prison
beaten - Jesus whipped
injured - Jesus crowned with thorns
bruised - Jesus under the weight of the cross
tortured - Jesus nailed to the wood
abandoned - "Father why hast thou forsaken me?"
violated - Jesus pierced by the spear
murdered - Jesus dead on the cross.
We commend to you all these abused children.
In each of them your Son is suffering,
In each of them thy fatherly heart is suffering.
We commend to you all those too poor adults.
In each of them show your Mercy
In each of them reveal
the inordinate resources of Redemption.
In all and in each of us
show your infinite love,
Your Fatherly love

                                                                Mona Le Cunff