04133_25102013Dear Friends,

This anticipated issue – the last issue of the year is usually edited in December – is due to varied news concerning ACAAP.

Serving this work brings us many joys and God showers us with so many blessings that we can’t help keeping at the heart of our prayer this sentence from Psalm 126: ‘We were like them that dream!’.

Within a few weeks, heaven-sent meetings strengthened our hope that our work was indeed God’s will.

Great things, very great things indeed the Lord hath done to us.

First of all – the praying members who have an email address were informed very quickly – October 25th  was for Father Bruno and myself an unforgettable day.

Praying in union with the Church, we were invited to attend the Episcopal ordination of His Excellency Mgr Jean-Marie Speich. Mgr Speich, who is with his parents and his contemplative sister a praying member of ACAAP, was ordained by Pope Francis in Saint Peter’s basilica in Rome. Thanks to his brotherly friendship, we were overjoyed to have the great honour on Friday 25th – the day of Redemption as it was said by Mgr Speich – to be invited to a private audience with the Supreme Pontiff. During this audience, ACAAP was presented to the Holy Father. Pope Francis encouraged us to carry on our work of prayer ‘Go on, it’s important’ and he thanked us: ‘Thank you for your work’.

We also received this approval, this call to perseverance and these thanks on behalf of all of you, praying members of ‘our’ work as Father Loyola Gagne wrote to us. Yes, this work is ‘ours’, as it is the communion of all the praying members in communion with the saints close to Jesus’ Sacred Heart through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary so that Mercy may grow in the heart of the whole mankind and particularly in the lives and in the hearts of abused children and abusing adults, and in our lives.

‘We are all sinners. But God heals us with an abundance of grace, mercy and tenderness.’ (Pope Francis’ tweet on October 28th 2013)

And once again thank you so much Mgr Speich for giving us the opportunity to enjoy such happy times.

A few days before this audience, on October 20th, we had the pleasure to be invited by Father Dominique Barnerias, curate in Sartrouville. Father Barnerias invited us to bear witness to ACAAP at the end of mass in Saint Martin’s church and in John XXIII’s church were Father Bruno had presided over the Eucharist. We were welcome very warmly and fervently by the parishioners and our call to join ACIMP was heard by 107 new praying members.

From November 8th to November 12th, the Lord gave us the opportunity to live intense moments of communion and fraternity in the Diocese of Toulon-Frejus. First of all, we would like to thank very much Mgr Dominique Rey for welcoming us there.

Thanks to Brigitte and Yves Morelle’s devotion and receptiveness in the Mourillon parish in Toulon, to Sabine Pinsac’s help in Sanary sur Mer, and thanks to the receptivity of all the priests we contacted and met – Father Charles Mallard in the Mourillon parish who favoured particularly this ‘ACIMP WE’, Father Jean-Noël Dol at the Castille seminary, Father Rodrigo Alfaro in Sanary sur Mer, Father Michel Klakus at the Mourillon, Father Benoit Moradei in Hyeres, Father Florian Racine in Saint Maximin La Sainte Baume, Father Amory Cariot and Father Jean-Thierry Charollais at the Naval Base of Toulon.

We would like to thank too Alexandre Dos Santos, who is in charge of the RECADO community in Toulon for his attention and Alice Nepveu-Barrieux for giving us the opportunity to present ACIMP during a mass.

Thank you Radio Maria for advertising our visit (thank you very much Bernard) and thank you Yann for advertising ACAAP on the website of the Diocese.

Thanks to all of them we could either present ACIMP at the end of masses, or for the first time give lectures dealing with ‘Abuse, Church and Mercy’.

Our brotherly and warm meeting with 6 of the 12 Carthusian monks (all praying members of ACIMP) of the Charterhouse Notre-Dame de Montrieux was an intense and rare moment. We would like to thank them all and in particular Friar Didier, prior, for this beautiful moment.

For those who would like to listen to one of our ‘lectures’ here’s the link to the lecture broadcasted by Radio Maria on November 11th: http://www.radiomaria.fr/?p=6938


Two other pieces of news:

- We are now more than 2,000 praying members bearing witness to Mercy for abused children and abusing adults, but also for ourselves who find it difficult to love as God loves.

- The hope and the aim of ACIMP can be summed up in just one sentence given to Mona during an orison:

‘to cleanse the wound that Mercy may flow into it’.

Without giving up the sentence from the Gospel according to Saint Luke, chapter 23, verse 34: ‘Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do’ which is used as a catch phrase in all the quarterly newsletter, ‘to cleanse the wound that Mercy may flow into it’, has become the new motto of ACIMP in order to highlight the importance of God’s saving and merciful action within the wounds of sin caused by the abusing adult which affect the child first, but also the adult himself / herself in his/her beauty of God’s child and which finally affect us, praying members, who are prisoners of our hard-heartedness towards the adult.

Actually ‘A Child In My Prayer’ concerns three God’s children:

- first God’s child: the abused child

- second God’s child: the abusing adult

- third God’s child: the praying member.

Father  Bruno


To conclude, let’s thank the Lord for all these meetings, these discussions which once again gave us the opportunity to bear witness to his infinite Mercy and his fatherly Love.

To wink at Yves, Brigitte Morelle’s husband, a former mariner, at the priests and lay chaplains of the Naval Base of Toulon, here’s the Mariner’s prayer:

In the name of the Father who divided the waters from the sky and the earth

And of the Son who tramples and calms down the tempest

And of the Spirit who hovers over oceans.


Virgin Mary, Queen of waves,

Whom mariners, even non-believers, have always prayed,

See your sons standing at your feet and who would like to reach your level,

Get for them a soul as pure as sea breeze,

A heart as strong as the waves carrying them,

A will as taut as sails in the wind,

An attention as vigilant as the topman in the main top,

A well-trained body to struggle against the tempest of life.


But above all, O Our Lady, do not leave them alone at the helm,

Help them to spot the reefs where they would run aground

Before anchoring, close to you, at the harbour of Eternity