11 mai 2012

1301 Praying for adults is not so easy !

Praying for adults is not so easy ! ‘Do not even the pagans do that ?’ Such are the surprising words of Jesus in The Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel according to St Matthew in chapter 5, verses 43 to 48. ‘Love your enemies, pray for them which persecute you ! Praying for your friends, even the pagans do that !’ Indeed, you let us know that a legitimate emotion leads us naturally to pray for these children. But how far more difficult it is to pray for those who abuse them, for the one who rapes the child I love in my prayer, whose... [Lire la suite]
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10 mai 2012

1109 ‘The Chaplet of Divine Mercy’

Therefore today we want to propose to you a new source of prayer that some, maybe many , already know and that’s good : praying with a particular chaplet… ‘The Chaplet of Divine Mercy’ Why such a proposal within ACAAP? Because God’s work is meshed with thousands and thousands of threads weaving the material of his Word or the fishing net of his children. It is obvious that ACAAP is only one of these threads that God himself is weaving at present. Our prayer belongs to a movement that God creates and grows on the topic of Mercy. ... [Lire la suite]
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09 mai 2012

1106 Lord, give me a sign !

Lord, give me a sign ! Hello to all of you. A mail we received gave me the idea of this little leading article. ‘In my humble opinion, it is important all the same for a Christian to know whether his/her prayer was successful or whether it made things change. Our prayer is, in faith, always efficient even if the result is not always in keeping with our human conceptions but with the will of our infinitely good Father who wants only the best for all of us. Indeed, when our prayers and our wishes are successful, and if we know it,... [Lire la suite]
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08 mai 2012

0704 Resilience and resurrection

Resilience and resurrection We have just celebrated the Resurrection of our Divine Lord and we would like to talk to you about the relationship between resilience and resurrection or how in his/her life each human being experiences death and resurrection. How is Gerard, an abused child, going to find the strength to start a family and to be a thoughtful and loving father? How do the people crushed by concentration camps, dictatorships, wars… find the strength to start again like Barbara, the singer, who was raped during the war and... [Lire la suite]
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08 mai 2012

0501 Life as soon as it begins

LIFE AS SOON AS IT BEGINS On December 28th we are celebrating the Innocent Saints, a memory of the massacre of children decided by Herod out of envy and fear at the time of the birth of Jesus. On that day the Church also honours aborted babies and all the innocent children victims of war, of persecution and of the blind madness of men. When our modern society upsets and damages all the ethical limits – cloning, eugenics, abortion, organ trafficking – the martyrdom of the Innocent Saints is present and future. We’ll just have to... [Lire la suite]
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